Lesson #31: It Takes A Village…

Lesson #31: It Takes A Village…


“It Takes A Village”...For me this was a very valuable lesson! Although I would like to think I’m free of the need to control all things around me; if I’m being honest with myself and you pretty girls, I’m not.  I’ve come to find that I’m a pretty deliberate “master of control” (colorful words make things sound and feel better LOL, basically I’m a type A control freak). Those of us that feel the need to be in control of all things at all times, especially outcomes or results, probably feel or have felt totally OUT OF CONTROL more often than not! For me I often try to justify my need for control with phrases such as “I can just get it done quicker myself” or “if you want something done right the first time, just do it yourself”.  Albeit insufficient as a tool for accomplishment control serves as an excellent tool for isolation! Have you ever been preparing for a big event or occasion, only to look up and find that you are alone or doing most of the work yourself? Now a true “master of control” will tell themselves, they like it that way, that they get so much more accomplished in a shorter time on their own.  Now while it may be true that its easier to move a 5,000lb puzzle one piece at a time, it doesn’t change the fact that the puzzle weighs 500 pounds! Events, projects, relationships and ALL OF LIFE pretty girl, is one HUGE puzzle! Don’t forget to consider that if it weighs 500lbs it must be in at least a million pieces.  5,000lbs AND a million pieces I don’t know about you, but when I look at it that way, that’s a project I definitely wouldn’t mind a little help with.  There will inevitably be pieces too heavy to lift on your own and a few you overlook.  Villages however, don’t just appear overnight washed up and perfectly constructed by the sea, they take time and proper consideration of all things surrounding them.  So in constructing a village one must consider the viability of the land they intend to build on, is it strong enough to withstand development?  What materials are needed? Are they sustainable and readily available; will they standup to weather and predators? Lastly, one must consider is this a permanent village or a camp in transit? Pretty Girl, if you haven’t figured it out by now, this “village” is how you build “YOUR LIFE”.  How will you construct your life? What will you consider? Are you constructing a permanent life or just a camp? Are your choices only for immediate satisfaction today or are they setting you up for the future? Have you decided to build your life on solid ground or sinking sand? Are you staying in relationships, friendships or jobs that are building you up or pulling you down? Have you equipped yourself with the proper resources to build your life or are you just taking what you’ve been given, hoping and praying it lasts? What about your mind? Is your mind ready to withstand all the weather and predators that will surely come in the form of doubt, lack, fear, anxiety and attack?  I leave you with this, LIFE WILL GIVE YOU every tool you need to carefully construct dreams unimaginable. Life will also give you useless tools that have nothing to do with your dreams and will only serve as distractions, which will you choose? 

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