Hey Pretty Girl! If you’re looking for pretty, you’re in the right place.  Here you’ll find events, helpful blog posts, resources for girls of all ages and of course a few Pretty Girl must haves; like candles, apparel, guides, and more…




For the entire month of July, we’re sharing with you 31 Lessons we learned from The Girl’s Guide To Finding Solutions.  CLICK HERE To checkout lesson 31-6!




Missed our Girl’s Guide To Finding Solutions Mother Daughter Retreat in Atlanta with Keke Palmer and her Mom? Don’t worry we’ve got the FULL VIDEO RECAP HERE, including a touching moment with Keke and a young rising star…


Got a Pretty Girl Problem and not sure what to do with it? No sweat, each month we cover a different “PRETTY GIRL PROBLEM”; that gives you 12 opportunities to find a solution.  If we haven’t touched on your particular problem by December, or if you just can’t wait until then, subscribe to the page and email us with a theme at customerservice@theprettygirlproblem.com.  Even if we can’t get to your theme on the blog, we’ll send you a personal message addressing the topic. Active subscribers only.

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